2022 dates are only announced the month before on Facebook. No online registration is available. Do not call the Rushville Vet Clinic for any information they are not affiliated with our low-cost spay neuter clinic.


Please check back later for updates. Updated on 3/24/2022

The Benefits: Having your animal spay/neutered results in longer lives & healthier pets.

For Males
  • Reduces Territorial Behaviors (including urine marking)
  • Deters Aggressive / Biting Behaviors
  • Lowers risk for testicular cancer and anprostate disease
  • Less likely to roam from home (reducing potential injuries)
For Females
  • Prevents her from going into heat
  • Reduces mating behaviors like yowling, frequent urination and discharge
  • Reduces your pet's risk to breast cancer
  • Minimizes risk for uterine infections